“HQP, The Care Procurement Specialists are experts in procurement for the care sector, founded by hospices for hospices, they work on behalf of their Hospice Members to provide the best value for money products and services that deliver exclusive benefits. All framework agreements have been negotiated through their centralised procurement team’s rigorous tendering and due diligence procedures, all with quality of service as paramount.

embracent are proud to be one of HQP’s supply partners, under a framework that supplies hospice members with IT Consultancy, Data & Insight and Automation capabilities.”

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We reduced clinical reporting from 6 days to 30 minutes using automation, delivering improved insight during the height of the COVID pandemic.

“Working with embracent has been a real lesson, in the art of the possible. Things that we thought would be unachievable or just far too complex have been proven to be really easy when you’re working with people who have the know-how and the right skills”

– Matt Corbishley – Director of People and Performance, Ashgate Hospicecare

All of our support is grounded with the following features and benefits:
  • Pragmatic advice
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Cutting to the chase
  • Independence
  • Technology agnostic
We make sense of technology

Technology Consultancy


From developing a strategy that aligns to the care outcomes of the hospice, to advising on specific technology options and supporting through the complex implementation phase, we provide shoulder to shoulder support and advice to help make good technology choices and avoid expensive mistakes.

Data & Insight

Organisations are often data rich, but insight poor.  Our approach transforms your organisation into one that is insight led, helping hospices to make more informed decisions regarding patient care, operational and financial performance.  We enable you to build a step-by-step plan to unlock your data into the analysis, intelligence and actionable insight you need.

Automation & RPA

Are your colleagues stuck in a paper based and manual task-based day? Automate the repetitive, rules-based and manual tasks to free up valuable time across the front-line and in back-office. Automation can deliver a better patient and employee experience, deliver improvements to data and compliance and rapid results to solve real process pain-points.

To find out how our experienced transformation specialists can help develop your vision and strategy, contact:

[email protected]

To find out how our experienced transformation specialists can help develop your vision and strategy, contact:

[email protected]