In accordance with Section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act), this statement sets out the steps that embracent has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chain or in any part of our business. This statement is in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2021 and was approved by the embracent CEO.


The Act requires commercial organisations supplying goods or services with a turnover of more than £36 million to prepare and publish an annual ‘Slavery and human trafficking statement’.  The statement must set out the steps an organisation has taken, if any, during its financial year to ensure that slavery or human trafficking is not taking place in its business or supply chain. 

Whilst embracent does not yet meet this threshold, our company values compel us to comply with the Act in our day-to-day business operations.

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is an international crime, affecting millions of people around the world – a growing global issue that transcends age, gender and ethnicities. Sadly, vulnerable people from overseas as well as across the UK, are forced to work illegally against their will across many different sectors from agriculture, construction, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Our organisation structure and supply chain

embracent is a private Limited company, incorporated in England and Wales. Our business largely uses professionally qualified people employed directly by embracent or specific skilled Associates we work directly with.  Our Associates are mostly UK based in low risk professional sectors.

Our policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking

embracent has established a zero-tolerance position on violations to the UK’s anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery laws. If we find breaches of these laws within our supply chain, we will compel companies to comply with the legislation or cease our business operations with them.

Our company values are at the heart of our culture and drive everything we do as a business:-

  • We do the right thing, for our clients and each other. Doing the right thing is more important than anything.
  • We cut to the chase, no technical jargon or waffle
  • We work together, helping each other to success

These values embody everything that we do at embracent and how we do business, and the first of these, underpins our commitment to this Act. The values outline the expectation of our people’s behaviour with colleagues, suppliers and our customers.

We seek to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent and trusted. Our policies and procedures relating to the Modern Slavery Act are in line with our culture and values.

Our specific procedures to address modern slavery risk include:

  • Employment policies that protect our people from unfair treatment and promote a fair and inclusive workplace
  • Robust recruitment processes in line with relevant employment laws, including reference checks, ID, right to work etc
  • Market benchmarked pay and rewards reviewed annually as a minimum
  • Wellbeing initiatives and tools to support our people’s physical and mental wellbeing and lifestyle choice
  • Culture of openness and accessibility to the leadership team, to encourage and allow individuals to raise any concerns.

We log complaints received via any sources, together with any actions taken. To the date of this statement however, embracent has had no identified instances, issues, or complaints relating to our compliance with the modern slavery Act.

embracent takes responsibility for this Statement and its related objectives and will review and update it in accordance with The Act.

If you would like to find out more about this, please email: contact@embracent.com

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