cfo insight – automate your ‘a’ game

by | Jul 22, 2021 | digital finance, embracent news

This June we held the first of our {e}ngage sessions – a series of highly informative interviews with FTSE 250 executives. In our first session we spoke to several leading CFOs about the use of Automation in Finance and are delighted to release the findings in our most recent insight piece on “Automating your ‘A’ Game in Finance”. Learn more about:

  • the key drivers outside of cost and efficiency that have led organisations to prioritise automation
  • the pitfalls to avoid and lessons to learn from leading organisations who have adopted automation 
  • the significant benefits that leading organisations have been able to deliver through the early stages of their automation revolution

As businesses embrace new technology as a lever for growth, Automation will prove to be a game changer for Finance. As one of the CFOs we interviewed said, “We have to Automate, or we will be left behind.”

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