We believe in challenging the ordinary – the usual ways of working, the idea that ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’, the mindset of ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ Because the hard reality is, many processes are broken, costing organisations huge sums in manual effort and/or re-work.

At embracent, we work with our clients to challenge the ordinary by not only delivering sound technological solutions, but by taking a wider perspective and considering where real value can be added to their business before we deploy technology. Process excellence is key to this and aims to continuously drive efficiencies through your people, processes and technologies in order to maximise the value delivered to you, your customers and your employees.

Whilst automation is one of the methods by which a poor process can be improved, without actually reviewing the process itself, the benefits from automation can be restricted. In our experience, a lean assessment of existing processes is key to cutting out unnecessary steps and wastage and identifying where technology can automate other steps. Along this process, you will undoubtedly come across some processes that have little to do with technology. 

To become a more efficient, or ‘lean’ operating machine, businesses must first look at their processes, think about how necessary they are, what can be improved or removed and then what set of technology options can help you. Our first-hand experience within a wide range of organisations enables us to truly understand any processes, how to optimise them and where to apply the technology to drive maximum sustainable value. 

We drive process excellence through a range of tools and approaches, including process mining & modelling, lean assessments, simplification, digitisation & automation of processes, leaving only value adding activity.

The cost of entry to process excellence has never been lower. Your excellence journey can start small, focusing on one process or process area and then be expanded over time, while building confidence and enjoying those benefits already realised. Processes can be simplified and digitised before any technologies are applied.

The Lean Six Sigma framework and toolkit uses techniques to strip out all process waste whilst Six Sigma focuses on your data quality.

We work:

  • with you and your people in a collaborative effort to understand your business, increase your data quality and reduce variation
  • towards eliminating process defects to provide a framework for overall organisational culture change
  • to change the mindset of your team to one that focuses on growth and continuous improvement through process optimisation
  • to increase profitability, developing an organisation that understands their customer value and focuses key processes to continuously increase it
  • to provide optimal value to the customer through value creation processes that have zero waste

Process excellence is not solely for efficiency though. We work with many clients who want to achieve excellence and automation for example to enforce policy in order to futureproof the business for regulatory changes.  Whatever the reason, we often hear of businesses being sold unrealistic technology “silver bullets” that never deliver – because fundamentally the processes need to be optimised before they are automated. Applying lean assessment and developing process excellence will allow you to challenge the ordinary and provide you with a solid foundation upon which to start off your technological transformation.

Gary Eaves

Gary Eaves

Chief Delivery Officer

Gary is an experienced IT leader with an extensive portfolio of programme successes over the past 20 years. During his time in consulting he has gained a reputation for building efficient and motivated teams that deliver.
Beth Younger

Beth Younger

Process Lead

Beth works to understand, simplify and optimise processes through digitisation and automation (including process mining and RPA/IA/BI tools), utilising a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement methodology, framework, culture and toolkit. 

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