embracent launches solution delivery centre in Bangalore, India

by | Feb 27, 2023 | embracent news, other

embracent Delivery Centre

embracent proudly announces the launch of its offshore solution delivery centre in Bangalore, India.

We know that many clients urgently need to digitally transform their businesses to give better customer experiences and improve competitiveness.  We also know that they want to gain insights from their data so that they can increase revenue and reduce costs.  However, they simply cannot afford or attract the best people to help them.

Our offshore delivery centre will provide flexible access to high quality, low cost skills.  Fronted and managed by our experienced onshore teams it will provide a range of expert software services – from web & mobile apps development, data as a service (DaaS) to remote quality monitoring and assurance.  It will transform the way we provide services to our clients.

“Being able to offer the flexibility of the offshore team is a significant step in the evolution of our business,  having worked with offshore teams through my career I am excited to see this new capability develop,  It’s great to have Chandra leading the team”, said Gary Eaves, Founder & Chief Operating Officer at embracent.

“Given the economic pressures that many of our clients are facing, and the high cost of local skilled resources, I am delighted that we can now offer this option. It will enable our clients to gain flexible access to amazing skills, at much more sensible prices ”, said Mark Lockton-Goddard, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at embracent.


By making better, well balanced technology decisions, we can help build businesses that are fit for the future.
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