embracing citizen development and low-code/no-code solutions

by | Feb 20, 2023 | embracent news, other

low-code no-code citizen development

The need to embrace innovation through citizen development and low-code / no-code solutions was a great topic of conversation in this recent CIO event sponsored by embracent.  The debate, expertly moderated by Mark Chillingworth, provided some great insights into how best to embrace this reality, whilst also dealing with the associated security and support risks.  Please look out for future updates with additional information and insights.


Thanks to Terry Willis at Church of England for providing a beautiful location for this meeting and for Adrian Wakefield for his expert opinion.  Thanks also to the excellent group of CIOs that attended the meeting and contributed to a lively debate and a lovely evening.  And a special thanks to ChatGPT for confirming at the end of the evening that we were all on the right tracks!



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