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by | Sep 6, 2022 | data transformation, embracent news

Our data & insights lead led our most recent whiteboard wednesday, sharing a whole ton of knowledge around data stakeholders and how we best support them in a data journey at {e}.

Below we share Matt’s top takeaways, including a sneak peak at some of the final outputs and data definition framework:  

We provide products and services to help our clients, from different sectors with different needs, harness their data to:

  • solve problems
  • answer new questions
  • enable growth
  • drive better performance

Realising the above becomes easier with relevant data and intelligence at your finger tips through strategic data models and dynamic dashboards, such as the below:




This knowledge share really targeted how we communicate with different people around data.

In helping our clients, we need to recognise different stakeholders have different perspectives, language and levels of understanding over how data exists in their enterprise:

  • The C-suite who see data as business concepts and metrics in a dashboard -> “£ revenue per customer”
  • Business leads who have their terms and rules for data -> “sales lead” or “opportunity”
  • Functional experts who see data as process inputs and outputs -> “customer master data” and “sales order”
  • Technical experts and IS architects who see data in its physical form -> “application data models”, “meta data” and “data flow diagrams”   

    To add more complexity, some business applications such as SAP introduce their own taxonomy on data objects that impacts the business culture and language that can cause confusion during cross functional discussions

    At {e}, we understand it is critical to really understand these different perspectives on data so that we can have meaningful data discussions and build trusted data solutions for our clients.

    To achieve this, we have developed our {e} data definition framework that allows us to proactively define client data in our analysis, designs, and solutions:

    Matt Stuart

    As Data and Insight Practice Lead, I help our clients set the right strategies, solutions and operating models to drive value from their data assets.
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