the 3 digital amigos featuring Mark Lockton Goddard

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The 3 digital amigos have been following up with contributors to the latest book on the shelves, tech treats and treasures. Mark provided an honest and open interview on transformation, delivering a chapter on his personal experience of change and how the embracent journey began.

In this podcast Craig, Avril and Christopher talk to our CEO Mark about high quality pizza, starting a business and keeping things simple… So let’s not overcomplicate things.

The amigos dived straight in and asked Mark for his “go to” food which was anything “simple but done well” or Italian, such as pizza or lasagne, high quality and full of flavour. Mark strongly believes there is “beauty in the small things in life.”

Amigo’s, maybe the next podcast can find out if Mark has been to Italy?

The hosts then turned to all things start up with some trivia from Avril…it’s stat O’clock time!

  • In 2015 there were 665,495 start-up companies from 2019-2020, that’s more than one a minute!
  • In 2020 there were 18,000 google searches asking, “how do I start a business”?

This inspired the next conversation where we find out Mark is all about pushing limits and achieving great things, hence his involvement with Hospices, the Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) and charitable work such as completing the London Marathon. Mark thrives on helping and supporting people, which is why he has helped so many hospices across the UK with technology advice and solutions. His biggest words of advice are…

“don’t overthink it.” If you think about it too much, you’ll never do it.

The topic then turns to Mark’s start up journey and how he, and the company, got to be where they are today. His tenacity for pushing limits whilst helping and supporting people are most likely why the embracent values talk of cutting to the chase and doing the right thing by our clients and each other.

A quote Mark loves by British-American author and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek –

“Mature companies fail because they forget why they were born.”

We live in a world of data and technology and as a company we set out to offer practical, hands on, down to earth technology advice. As someone who is relatively new to both the company, and tech industry, I feel Mark leads by example and is a very hands-on CEO, with a great vision for the company’s direction, and I think we can all learn a lot from him.


Find out how Mark came up with the company name by listening to the podcast below…

Nicola Comerford

As an analyst in the digital and marketing team I make sure our people and clients are communicated of all things embracent through our social platforms

As an analyst in the digital and marketing team I make sure our people and clients are communicated of all things embracent through our social platforms
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