About us

We created embracent to help businesses positively embrace new technology rather than be disrupted by it
We provide sensible and pragmatic technology advice by addressing two main challenges:

Technology is often positioned as a major disruptor of business, and we felt that this was a negative way to look at things. Of course, technology can be disruptive, but why can’t we focus on how we can positively embrace new technology for good?

Technology solutions and advice tends to be too complex, over-engineered and costly. So, why can’t we deliver practical and pragmatic technology advice; cutting through the complexity, rather than increasing it?

Our mission and vision

We have always bridged the gap between technology and the business – developing digital strategies and solutions that deliver real business value. When we couple this with effective change management, and alignment to a clear purpose, we are helping create the next generation of digital businesses.

Our mission:

To help businesses positively embrace new technology and minimise the real risks and costs associated with digital transformation. We help businesses balance the need to drive profit with the associated impact on people and the planet.

Our vision:

For all businesses to successfully navigate the risks and opportunities associated with technology – becoming digitally mature businesses.

Our senior leadership team

Digital transformation can be daunting. We can help.

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