Mergers and divestments

Creating value in mergers and divestments

Technology and data can help drive significant value during business transactions. It can also be a significant blocker if poorly managed.

We support PE firms and enterprise businesses on buy-side and sell-side of transactions to identify and deliver value-creation opportunities and integration.

The deals process, whether acquisition or divestment, has many complex issues to unpick and stakeholders to engage. ​However, mergers and carve-outs are not regular events for most companies; their people, understandably, lack the capability and capacity to master the myriad of pitfalls or deliver deal synergies at the pace required.​

Our methodology and framework provides the foundation for successfully completing deals, from IT due-diligence to de-risking post deal integration​. We guide you through the technology complexities of a deal, together with the oversight and programme management needed to ensure a smooth integration/separation​.

Digital transformation can be daunting. We can help.

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