AI for Onboarding: A glimpse at the not-so-distant future for HR Directors

by | Dec 12, 2023 | embracent news

We’re fortunate to work with several global firms whose ambition to delivery innovation matches their scale. In the world of AI, one such client – a global telecoms giant – challenged us to create a proof of concept that would improve its onboarding of thousands of employees annually.

In the client’s words: “Imagine…

👋 Being welcomed with a video message from your new CEO
🔎 Sending over your ID and having it verified on the spot
✉️ Receiving an AI generated offer letter in minutes
🗓 Being sent your new colleagues calendars and LinkedIn profiles
🤔 Asking any question and immediately getting a company-specific answer”

“Our ambition is to onboard new joiners 10x faster and to provide an exceptional user experience.”

Our team was able to integrate generative AI to an onboarding application that we had previously built, already delivering value for another of our clients.

The proof of concept was built at speed – just one month from start to finish. It is now in review with our team now looking at the potential to scale the application.

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