gav’s top 5 data strategy toolkit takeaways

by | Feb 23, 2022 | embracent news

last week’s #whiteboardwednesday was all about data strategy! here are gav’s top 5 data strategy toolkit takeaways:

The Data Strategy Toolkit provides a framework for clients to assess their current data landscape, recommending areas for change and demonstrating the steps needed to get there. Improvement themes gathered throughout Cam’s toolkit demo included:

1. removal of waste

Processes across an organisation should be consistent and streamlined to allow for the collection and sharing of high-quality data. To achieve this, it is important to remove any waste or unnecessary steps from business processes.

2. introducing a data governance framework  

A Data governance framework is a single set of rules and processes for collecting, using, and storing data. Once one is in place, the framework will allow an organisation to easily streamline core governance processes resulting in elevated levels of data quality and maintaining compliance.

3. making data more insightful through interactive visualisations

When the business is trying to make key business decisions its vital to make data more accessible, visible, and easy to interpret. This can be done via accurate and standardised reporting tools such as Power BI, giving end users deep insight into their data.

4. adding business value  

When carrying out a data strategy it is vital to focus on gathering information that will generate business value through predictive capabilities and insights to form an MVP for initial phase 1 strategy.

5. keeping your data house tidy

Removing duplicate records from your data will play an essential role in maintaining data quality. Data should be integrated and siloes eliminated to avoid duplication and to avoid unmanaged datasets.